Military work is definitely in a class by itself for mechanical/electrical engineering consultants. Also, we have been discouraged from photographing our projects (I don’t recommend going to a military base and asking to go around and take photographs, they get a little suspicious). The design process for military projects are specific and differ from most commercial projects. We find that our success on a project is highly dependent upon our partners in the design process. We prefer to build long term relationships for military work.

Military projects have allowed us to work on a number of interesting projects. We have done office buildings and office space build-outs and even a fitness center. But we have also had the opportunity to work on a hanger for painting aircraft and a firing range. Projects you don’t run across every day in typical commercial work.

In lieu of project photographs, we debated putting up graphics from some science-fiction spaceship battle or maybe something from the A-Team but better judgment prevailed.