water systems

Our work with water systems is typically as a consultant to our Civil Engineering clients. We have worked on new water treatment plants, pumping stations, existing plant upgrades, and control system upgrades. We work close with the Civil Engineer to develop an electrical (and mechanical as needed) design that meets the needs of the system.

Often water system improvement projects are long term with numerous planning and approval steps. We can provide consultation and support to the Civil Engineer from the project planning and budgeting through construction inspections.

The electrical components are a small part of the overall system but they can be a major part of the success of the system operation. We have strong knowledge in electrical systems related to water systems. And we work to develop long term relationships with our Civil Engineer clients. We find that projects are more successful when performed by a team with solid relationships.

We have provided our services ranging from answering a question about code to designing a new plant. We have visited existing plants to provide recommendations on controls upgrade and/or equipment replacement. We have perform energy evaluations for cost savings improvements. Also, we have performed as designers in design-build relationships. Also, we provide the HVAC design for buildings and domestic plumbing for lab and office buildings if needed.