who we are


TFK Engineering is a mechanical electrical engineering consulting firm. We routinely provide services to clients in Oklahoma and Texas, occasionally in other states. We have experience in projects across the US and international.

TFK Engineering has licensed professional engineers with over 20 years of experience in mechanical electrical engineering for facilities.

We don’t think anyone is really interested in reading our individual resumes, so that information is not posted. But it can provided for a request for qualifications or your reading pleasure if you are so inclined. Needless to say we have some technical education, years of engineering experience, are members of professional organizations, have worked on some really interesting projects (from a boring engineering perspective), and that sort of stuff.


We do not work in the traditional sense of an engineering firm or technical organization. We can handle projects from large industrial projects to small consulting reviews. But that doesn’t mean we have a large office with cubicles and long job titles. We work a little different.

We don’t have a traditional office, nor traditional work hours. We work on a project as the project schedule dictates not what office hours determine. You don’t talk to a senior engineer while in reality a junior designer does the project. Each engineer works on their projects. You are dealing with the engineer working on the project. That’s the person that make decisions, deal with issues, and get the project done. There isn’t a boss or Principal or VP to check with.


Engineering and Consulting have wide varying definitions, when TFK Engineering uses those terms, they mean:


We bring expertise in mechanical and electrical systems in facilities to support a client’s objectives. This can be provided via: analysis, reviews and recommendations, construction documents, construction administration, and planning.

Mechanical Engineering Systems are

HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, piping, controls, and energy analysis

Electrical Engineering Systems are

Power distribution, lighting, telecommunications, instrumentation/controls, and energy analysis


This is about our relationship with you and the way we approach our work. It is your project. In the end it is your decision and we are there to help. We are a resource to you. Providing expertise, knowledge, and experience to enhance your project decisions. In the course of consulting we may provide a drawing for construction, a letter of explanation, or just have a discussion.