As consulting engineers we provide services to a number of different clients. With most of our clients, we develop long term relationships. We find there is a higher likelihood of project success if we can establish long working relationships. The better we know each other, the more successful the projects seem to be. After relationships, we find that project management is key to success. The fundamental principle of design project management is that the right person makes the decisions in the right order. The most successful projects in our portfolio have the common characteristic of having decisions made by the appropriate party in the right order and solid relationships between the clients and us.


Architects constitute a large number of our clients. We work with architects in a traditional consultant relationship. We have many long term relationships with architects, and even when the volume of work is low we prefer to cultivate long term relationships. We work best with architects that have strong project management skills and take ownership in their projects. Also, we recognize that the architect is our client.


Civil Engineers are another group that constitute a large number of our clients. With Civil Engineers our services vary widely, from a small portion of the total project (a pump house compared to 10 miles of waterline, you get the picture) to large complicated projects (an automated wastewater treatment plant with state-of-the-art treatment comes to mind). We develop long term, close working relationships with our Civil Engineering clients. Our relationships include design of projects or just answering an occasional question.


The majority of work we do for contractors is via design-build contractors. We have performed this work through architects, directly contracted to general contractors, and as engineers for mechanical or electrical subcontractors. Who pays us isn’t a big deal (as long as we get paid). What matters is that we understand who our client is, our scope of work is defined, and the project is managed well.


We have done diverse work directly for facility owners. We find that we are most successful working directly for facility owners when we can serve as a true consultant; meaning, we have a relationship in which we can provide open advice and opinions. We have found a solid relationship critical to success when we work directly with facility owners.


We have worked directly for a number of property developers through the years. Typically, developers hire architects, civil engineers, or general contractors and we serve lower down the food chain. However, in numerous instances, we have provided services direct to developers.


Landscape Architects comprise a number of our clients. With Landscape Architects, we typically provide design for lighting/power and consulting related to codes, budgets, and constructability. Landscape Architects have their own way of looking at things (and we mean that as a compliment) and we try to make the electrical and mechanical fit into their project vision with minimal impact.


Yes, we do work for other engineering firms, including competitors. Our unique operation means that often it is advantageous for a large firm to bring us in for a project, part of a project, or to handle particular issues. We can come in and work in such a manner that the client doesn’t recognize our part. Sometimes, for larger firms, a project or issue can be a distraction to the operation, or just a money pit. We have worked with a number of firms in situations where it just makes business sense to have us handle an item. Given the situation, it can result in better financial performance for the firm, and we promise to not tell the client.